Mary Arkouzi (A project about dancing) Class E 2014

Κατηγορία: B1 PRELOWER
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  • Dancing.!

Dancing with swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises.
A years of regular involvement with dance helps in tightening the abdominal, strengthens the body and trains your legs, while gives flexibility.

Also, through dance, taught anyone to stand and walk properly controlling his body. The benefits, however, are not only physically.

Music contributes to mental balance and dance is a chance to express .Social interaction, or exercise, in a spiritual or performance setting .
Sometimes used to express ideas or tell a story. Dance, a magical journey with incredible destinations and unique ways.
A machine of time to guide the body, movement and passengers rhythm, music and vivid emotions.
Takes us to sweet memories of the past and transform them into unprecedented moments of life today is releasing the individual.
A journey for all characters. As each person is a unique personality in the crowd of the world, so the paths of dance is separately within the species.
Any kind of dance you choose, let yourself free. To accept the beauty of this trip and would definitely understand that you have never seen more beautiful landscapes in those countries you've been to.
Dancing can start everyone, regardless of gender and age. No special skills or talents.
All you need is willpower. In Latin and European dances teaching starts from zero, so after you learn the steps, spend progressively faster.

In modern dance others say the creative, contemporary, artistic, theatrical ... is a personal means of expression and communication, a variety of methods for training the body. For half a century, the modern dance was the'' enemy'' of the traditional art of classical ballet. None, however, of the two kinds of dance will not be extinguished in future.



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